curling in a chair different on a cold night 

days spent on a fiery sun

Kepler’s oval orbits 

staying up and seeing what's

between sleep and reason 

celestial sphere above  

paged through and pulled apart

volumes of butterfly’s theories


dreams on a pillow heart on a board

feet on the pavement

what happened assured me you accept me & time is fun and free

you're helpful because

you're good company

you hold me not smother me

heart on a pillow kissed on the floor carved in the pavement who you adore

you being here helps me see I'm someone with you I feel alright to be

you mentor up there ask me around looking unknowing spinning and crowned

when they wouldn't see you were like forgiveness for me

while people talk anyway but we love one another & we're doing okay

I wanted to say I wish you would do what you know gets you through 

not cos we're flawless but it's important you're you

when I feel you help me find my way like starlight asked me through sky

in your kind words & ways we sit on the floor we dance on the pavement our feet in your door


He’ll like you with something new

She’ll get you if you’re real for her

Yeah forgetful love forever

Now they won’t forget us ever

So find would your fight star himself

And she’d see that fight again forever

Yeah now they won’t forget us ever

Yeah forgetful love forever


And i’d say you helped me dream

And I finally learned how to refuse

If I’m always a person you destroy 

To other versions of you

So over in almost seconds

Don’t get it while its hot

But riddles solve and scars dissolve

So dissolve away anyway

Magic’s tragic 

And I’m not magic

So dissolve

Dissolve away


Do what you do

See you trust

Voided that - it’s all lust

Make it through

You said you knew

They said you’re always that against you

So then you’re destroyed

One of many we enjoyed

Who hurt you’s

One of many to

And in you’s enough to heal what’s coming out of you

So while your fault isn’t all your mistake

I’m here for me

Not all for your sake

I’d wonder now are we on someone’s side

When you’re you

You’ll decide


So how do you do 

what you went through

If you care for me

I could for you

I like a good joke i'd rather not compete at all

And what I wouldn’t do for you

Since in your serendipity

I wouldn’t want his hate in me

To compensate to drain my hate

But your kind ways aren’t injury days / the injured days

Or the hundred ways

to take happiness away

Or clip my wings so I would stay

So my very loverly dear 

When there’s fear or doubt’s too true

I hope that you find peace in you


Did you come to hunt me

I’d rather go away

I didn’t want to leave

But I’d rather leave for good

Than be alone and stay

I’m going to be around

If I can’t really be your prey

Baby any meeting of minds would say

If I’m going to be around to you 

Make it good for me to stay


would you understand this

i think i forget sometimes

found me somewhere 

taken in


star crossed past and

porcelain skin

sewed up cheeks and a toothy grin

took it took it on the chin

riot girl locks translucent skin

her home to put her beauty in

she's there

she's there

she's there

yeah I saw her somewhere

with her sled dog guard

sewing up bracelets on the yard 

painted plastic flowers she said aloud

while you wait

burn the past

you'd get through that

you'd get through fast

that afternoon then took me in

sugar blades shone

on porcelain skin

walls in cloth to curious nooks

shy in invocation's books

a moon memory and her alive and slaying

saying oh

I miss you back

angel's face love & lace

beautiful pulling wrought iron grace

and she's there

did this


yeah she's there

yeah I saw her somewhere

a hope a fight wrapped up in a radio station

later in a van on the reservation

she's there

yeah I saw her